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Dating should the guy always pay

Who Should Pay On A Date? (Live Caller Question On Radio!)

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When you invite a girl on a date it's your responsibility to take care of her. So as a man you should always expect to pay for the date. After all you want her to be. He began requesting that we 'go halves' from around our second or third date. Okay, I thought: dude hasn't got cash to splash. But Mr. A man on Reddit shared a conversation with a woman he'd gone on a date with. She refused another date because he didn't pay her $ bill. Originally Answered: Do you believe men should always pay for the first date? Why? I think this is a very interesting question, and I don't think there is a simple.

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Should The Guy Always Pay On A Date? It’s hard to clearly answer yes or no. In fact, it depends on a lot of specific cases or situations, such as whom dating with,how much you like the dating partner, first date or romantic date, and so on.